The City Square

Nicole Suydam Explains How Second Harvest Food Bank of OC is Fighting Hunger in Our Own Backyard

December 3, 2015

Between episodes of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and gazing upon our stunning shores and attractions, we sometimes forget that there are folks who go hungry in a place as affluent and beautiful as Orange County. By some estimates, 60 million meals per year are not eaten in Orange County alone. Further, 11% of OC is food insecure, meaning access to food is limited or uncertain. That's where Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County steps in. Featuring innovative ways to help deliver food to those who need it most, such as client choice and school partnerships, CEO Nicole Suydam shows that there are multiple fronts on which to fight hunger. Step into the City Square and learn more about how to end hunger in your backyard!

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